While mayonnaise is quite the popular and creamy condiment, its use has limits. Burger King hasn’t gotten the memo it would seem, as their new Rodeo King Burger shows quite clearly. While on the surface, this burger’s premise is my favorite type.  Topped with two flamed beef patties equating to over a half pound of beef, two slices of American cheese, three strips of bacon, onion rings and BBQ sauce with a sesame seed bun as a topper, mayonnaise also joins the party.  No one seems to know why, as mayo never seems to be on these types of burgers elsewhere, but Burger King seems to keep adding it as a second sauce on all of their signature sandwiches. This burger already has 1090 calories without the mayo, why add the 160 additional with this needless addition.  I think this proves once and for all the Burger King has a stockpile of mayo that they’re hopelessly trying to rid itself of.