Every year, whenever the depths of depression have most of us in a downward spiral of calories and misguided food decisions, McDonald’s heaps onto the every growing pile with the annual recurrence of the Shamrock Shake. Today McDonald’s does just that.

Shamrock Shakes are back. They have officially started rolling out in Western PA as of today, and should be headed your way as well! A minty flavored delight, which is green in appearance, has been a winter wonderland of salvation for many for over 30 years. With a vanilla base and some sort of radioactive green dye, it helps celebrate St. Patrick’s day as only McDonald’s can, by fattening you up for the kill.

Since the advent of McCafe, they have taken over McDonald’s Triple Thick Milk Shake line and transformed them into a classier, more refined delicacy topped with whipped cream and a maraschino cherry. The Shamrock variety is no different, with the green beverages being served like this starting last year.

So starting now for a limited time, usually some time in March post St. Patty’s day, you can go get your hands on this sweetie. We’ll be heading out rather soon to review this bad boy!