With fast casual and healthier options becoming all of the rage in fast food, grilled chicken has always been in the forefront.  Last year, Chick-Fil-A revamped their grilled chicken for more of a backyard grill feel and McDonald’s recently tried to convince people they actually cared by releasing some other freeze dried attempt at chicken. It now appears that Wendy’s is testing out a new premium aimed chicken sandwich in select markets that could one day replace the Ultimate Chicken Grill.

Currently being sold in only 7 markets around the country (luckily I live in one of them), the overly generic Grilled Chicken Sandwich is grilled chicken marinated in “herbs” topped with an “herb” sauce, with a spring mix (sloppiest fast food sandwich ingredient known to man) and tomato on a multi-grain bun.  Given the premium look and feel of this, I would imagine, if it tests well this sandwich could bump the presiding Ultimate chicken grill and be given an actual name and actual descriptive ingredients other than “herb”. Based on nutrition, this test sandwich even has 30 less calories than its predecessor. I’ll be reviewing this one soon!