I don’t know about you readers, but I’ve always been a sauce man.  Whether it’s for dipping or smothered onto my sandwich like someone’s trying to put out a fire, this often forgotten ingredient can truly make or break a meal for me.  In my adolescence, I was as picky as they came, pretty much only eating ketchup and despising mayo, ranch, mustard, and other sauce basics like Italian dressing.  Now that I’m older and my palate is more refined than a bistro, I have grown to love a great deal of the world’s sauce offerings, with the nary exception of mayonnaise. I’m actually quite sure I’ve trained my brain not to like it, just so I don’t kill the nutritional value of my meals.


One of the fast food establishments where sauce matters a great deal is Subway.  As you loyal readers know, we’ve been very critical of Subway for their over the top health claims, whenever some of their offerings aren’t good for you at all, despite what unsuspecting consumers may think.  Sauce or dressing is usually a very vital element with Subway sandwiches, with occasions occurring where it is the only difference between promo items and regular menu items.  The biggest issue is that many people are unknowingly strangling their sandwiches integrity with loads of fats and calories.

We have supplied you with a glance at Subway’s condiment nightmare.  The serving size on these minuscule at best considering we’ve all seen our sandwich artists douse our subs with dressing to the point of a slip n’ slide.  We all know that those two measly Subway napkins in your sub bag are never enough and you find yourself using your sleeve by the time you’re 4 inches deep. Returning to the subject at hand, if you make a wrong turn, you could be adding over 10 grams of fat per 6 inches with the Southwest Chipotle sauce or an even more staggering 12 grams of fat and 110 calories per 6 inch (1 Tablespoon) with the regular mayo.  If you love mayo that much, save your ship with the light mayo which only has 5 grams of fat per Tablespoon (6 inch allotment).


Even some of the classic fat free offerings add a decent amount of calories to your sub.  The Fat Free Honey Mustard will still add 30 calories to your 6’er and the Sweet Onion sauce will pack 40 cals.  Plus we all know these amounts are conservative at best.  All of these magical facts lead us to this week’s Geek Go-To: the healthiest, most flavorful, and my personal favorite condiment on Subway’s menu is the Deli Style Spicy Brown Mustard.


We all can appreciate a good dijon or even a more refined grey poupon, but in my eyes the biggest bang for the buck comes from the spicy brown.  Loaded up with zest, this add on revitalizes roast beef, turns the tables on turkey, and honors ham in a way that you can’t believe.  The macho men out there will get the spicy factor they’re craving, but not at the cost of health.  Mustard itself is one of the healthiest, least caloric options ever created.  If you look at some bottles you’ll see a staggering 0 next to the calorie department, which I oft thought impossible.  Regardless, the Subway nutrition declares that the Spicy Brown Mustard will add only 5 calories on to your 6 inch.  I took a nap the other day and burned that many calories.

So if you want to add a boatload of taste, while adding a walk to the bathroom’s amount of calories, trust in the must. The Spicy Brown Mustard that is.

~Fast Food Geek