It’s Thursday, which can only mean one thing: Geek Go-To time.  So if you and your Uncle Hank are big fans of the Go-To features, be sure to check back every Thursday for a new one.  Well you can keep checking out the site everyday, but you probably won’t see a new one of these puppies until next Thursday.  Last week’s McDonald’s menu deciphering in regards to the differentials of the Double Cheeseburger and the McDouble was so wildly popular, that we’re going to continue with Ronald and his furry friends this week as well.

There’s a dirty little secret that McDonald’s hides in the inner core of its menu and it doesn’t take an astro physicist to figure it out.  Even though we all know how bad and borderline environmentally heinous McNuggets are for your body, we all love them regardless.  But unless the 20 McNuggets for $4.99 mega sale is occurring, you actually get scammed for buying nugs in bulk.  Most people looking at the Chicken Nuggets section of the McDonald’s menu will see three options, a 6, 10, and 20 piece.  While lots of people wouldn’t gawk for a second at the 10 or 20 piece behemoth’s, my mother taught me things were better in moderation, so I traditionally order the 6’er.  
The six pack goes for a cool $2.99 now, or 3 bucks if you’re hammered.  But what McDonald’s doesn’t want you to know about is the non menu-menu item known as the 4 pack of McNuggets.  Traditionally only served to fatsos in training in Happy Meal’s, one can easily attain a 4 pack of McNuggets just by having the insider knowledge that they exist.  Better yet, the 4 pack of nugs is only $1.29.  So for you math majors out there jumping ahead, you can order two 4 pack’s and pay only $2.58.  Which last time I checked was a sweet .41 cheaper than a 6 pack.  So you’ve heard it here first, get two more nuggets, for less money. A radical idea. 
Abe Lincoln via buzzfeed.com
This deal used to be even cheaper whenever the 4 pack was only a dollar, and the 6 piece was $2.50, but with wall to wall price increases at the golden arches, you gotta take what you can get.  It may sound odd ordering two 4 packs, but trust me, you’ll get more nug for your buck!