With all of the excitement and publicity surrounding Wendy’s new Flatbread Grilled Chicken sandwiches, it’s easy to forget that Wendy’s also sells two other kinds of chicken that are both fan favorites.  Their Homestyle Chicken and especially their Spicy Chicken have been big sellers for their crispy nature and zesty tastes.  Little known fact is that you can actually get these chicken options as part of the new Flatbread offerings.  

While it isn’t being advertised and they’re not officially on their menu, Wendy’s, much like Taco Bell has been pretty lax about letting their customers customize their food how they want it.  While we have yet to order this and don’t know if there’s a surcharge at all to substitute, Wendy’s let us know at their HQ that this option was Go-To approved.  So next time you get your Flatbread, make it Homestyle or Spicy!
~Fast Food Geek