Subway’s featured footlongs and other deals of the month have been very confusing this year.  We’ve had a couple months of $3 Six Inch Selects, but now in May we have a featured footlong   Who really knows what’s going on here, but you can get a $5 Meatball Marinara in May.  Come to think of it, I was always under the impression that this was a $5 Footlong anyway?

Let’s call this one a cop out.  The Meatball Marinara isn’t that big of a deal and the Six Inch Select for $3 being the Oven Roasted Chicken for the third month in a row is also a pretty big joke.  Watch out for that fat and calorie load in the Meatball, packing 960 calories and 36 grams of fat in a footlong.

~Fast Food Geek