November.  The month of thanksgiving for many.  Turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, and an every increasing waist line.  Get ready to loosen that belt up another couple of notches with the Spicy Italian from Subway.
Subway has decided to promote one of its least healthy options as their $5 footlong this month.  Gettin a footlong of this bad boy is actually worse than eating a Big Mac fat and calorie wise.  With a staggering 48 grams of fat (1 being trans) and 960 calories in a footlong before you add any dressing or cheese,  you might want to reconsider calling this one a “healthy” when you brag to your friends about eating at Subway. One can only imagine what is in that Salami and Pepperoni blend.

Yeah, that’s only for 6″

From what I’ve heard this is one tasty treat though, so enjoy, but do your best to spread this one over two meals!