Wendy’s CEO, Emil Brolick, recently told our buddies over at Burger Business that the company is currently enduring intense deliberations on what the shifting restaurants new brand image will entail.  As you all know, Wendy’s has made a vast amount of changes in the last couple of years and plenty of others are peaking their noses’ over the horizon.

A lot of things were mentioned, but Emil’s primary focus seemed to surround Wendy’s new brand image and ad campaign that will debut next month.  The “You Know When It’s Real” ideal is a thing of the past and they are hoping the new campaign will exemplify Wendy’s unique assets to the public.  Wendy’s wants more people to have a better awareness at what make’s them different and better than the rest of the fast food titans.  It should be interesting to see what direction Wendy’s will head, as they attempt to entice the public to pay premium prices for fast food follies.

In more exciting news, Wendy’s immediate plans include launching the Spicy Guacamole Chicken Club sandwich and a flanker version of their sea salt fries, which many believe will be Shaker Fries.  Emil also hinted that many other Premium Burger options, like the Black Label burgers, would be seen, as well as another Premium Salad option.

One item that won’t make consumer’s happy, is the fact that the CEO believes Wendy’s is currently being too generous with their .99 cent menu.  They currently offer 6 protein options, while McDonald’s only has two at this price point (McDouble and McChicken).  We soon might see Wendy’s alter these prices to reflect rising beef costs.  They have already silently increased the price of the W from its $2.99 introductory price to $3.19.

Wendy’s will continue to evolve this year and as usual, it will be very interesting to see what crap sticks and falls flat on the ground.

~Fast Food Geek