Innovation is key to a food chain’s survival. Competition is so cut throat, and always changing, that if you don’t take the time to re-evaluate your business model and menu, the rival chains could speed by you before you toaster strudel pops. BK followed suit this past month releasing several new items that prior to 2012, didn’t seem to fit the old blow out your britches BK style.

Well, Wendy’s is back at it again, this time releasing three new signature sides. Wendy’s began its overhaul last year, focusing in on quality, and now these premium sides can be added onto a meal in place of the regular fry/baked potato/ side salad option for an up-charge of a dollar. Separately, they can be purchased for $2.49.

Its been quite awhile since I’ve put on my proverbial eating pants and gone out for a review, so I satisfied my urge and set out on my voyage.
Chili-Cheese Fries

It is common knowledge, that Wendy’s does a pretty good fry, and a half decent chili for fast food. So it only seemed logical that they would move into the realm of chili cheese fries eventually. At first glance, this thing looks like its gasping for air under all that cheese, so naturally I needed to call the rescue fork to save all these delicious fries. Bite one was exceptional. Hot, cheesy, beefy chili, and some crisp to the fries. I was pumped to dive in for more. The following bites were lackluster at best. The fries were not all crispy, in fact the middle was quite soggy, and dragged down the cheese and chili with it to make some sort of soupy, chili mixture. If they would crisp up those fries, and sprinkle a little bacon dust, this thing could be a knock out.

Chili Cheese Fries: 2.5/5

Mac n Cheese

My initial reaction to this side, was slight elation. I LOVE Mac n Cheese. The thought of warm soft noodles, caressed by a creamy sharp cheddar cheese really gets me going. Once I removed the lid and dug in, I was a little disappointed. It became evident rather quickly that this was just the standard run of the mill, chain restaurant mac n cheese.

The noodles were slightly under cooked, the cheese had no real sharp cheddar bite to it, and was relatively watered down from the steam of the lid. It didn’t really have a flavor, just reminded me of the elementary school cafeteria mac n cheese. For $2.49, the portion is rather small and it just didn’t live up to my expectations.

Mac n Cheese: 2/5

Sweet Potato w Cinnamon Butter

Last, but certainly not least, was the sweet potato which came with a nice lil dollop of cinnamon butter. Initial reaction here from me was a little ominous, mainly because, I don’t think I’ve ever had a sweet potato from a fast food restaurant before that didn’t come in fry or tater form. I pressed in my fork to gauge the texture and firmness, and I was surprised. It was cooked perfectly. The potato was soft, and very hot allowing the cinnamon butter to melt in nicely. I after tasting it without the cinnamon butter, I decided to mix it all together and dig in. Flavor city. This behemoth was the perfect temperature, and the mix of sweet and salty butter and the sweet flavor of the potato warmed my soul inside and out.

Sweet Potato: 3/5

Felt good to get back in the swing of things. More reviews to come for sure. Until next sauce, stay hungry my friends.