Wendy’s has been crossing over from typical fast food fodder into the fast casual realm for quite some time.  One of the main things that separate the two is use of quality ingredients in the right ways.  With guacamole and brioche buns checked off the trends list, Wendy’s has now pushed forward with the Gouda Bacon Cheeseburger. With components including Gouda cheese and Gruyere cheese sauce, the Gouda Bacon Cheeseburger is in a higher class with quality alone.  Let’s take a look at how everything fit together.

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  • Brioche Bun
  • 1/4 LB All fresh never frozen beef patty
  • Slide of Gouda cheese
  • 3 strips of bacon
  • Swiss Gruyere Cheese Sauce
  • Garlic Aioli
  • Red Onion
  • Tomato
  • Spring mix

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First Impressions:

With the ingredient list almost at double digits, I begin to worry about there being too many things in a sandwich.  While I’ve never been one to shy away from colossal creations, I’ve found that sometimes less is more.  But as I’ve come to find in this world, never say never.

It’s honestly been awhile since Wendy’s has released a LTO Burger option, so it’s something to cherish once a test item like this hits the nation.  While some places are still trying to figure out how to refine their iceberg, Wendy’s has stepped up to the plate with prime time ingredients that are only rivaled by Arby’s at this point.

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Receiving this burger, I’ll say that I was expecting a sloppy experience.  Wendy’s spring mix, while fancy and way more fully figured than iceberg, is extremely messy with my typical encounters including about two thirds of it falling by the wayside.  Also, two sauces, typically creates something of a squishy existence, but it was time to see what happened.

Photo Nov 25, 12 12 40 PM
Upon first glance, the sandwich was held together quite well.  If there was any sort of spring mix on here, it was scant at best, but to me that was welcome.  The Gouda cheese slice was thick cut, but not exactly melted, instead kinda lukewarm. Both sauces were present and layered as shown in the press, with the Gruyere on top of the Gouda and the Aioli  drizzled on top of the veggies and bacon accessories.

Photo Nov 25, 12 14 34 PM
The taste here was quite decadent.  We have multiple premium cheese blends and a mayo based sauce along with bacon.  This isn’t exactly a light eat, but when you’re in the upper burger echelon this isn’t something you can worry about.  The sauces melded together to create a great combination that is almost hot tub worthy.  Wendy’s burger patty is very solid and the bacon present here was on the thicker side.  Gouda and Gruyere cheese is something you expect to tip your waiter for, so the quality is there.  This burger is one of my favorite special offerings from Wendy’s in quite some time and is a definite treat to the refined pallet.

Wendy’s Gouda Bacon Cheeseburger-The Verdict

Coming in at $5.09 for the sandwich alone, the consumer expects quality.  To me, it’s delivered here.  While I think that the cook would have been better off giving me half portions of each of the sauce instead of the splashdown I had, Wendy’s Brioche style bun works very well in not buckling under the pressures and washing away.  Don’t try eating this one in the car, but expect a great new entry into this realm.  Wendy’s went all in on quality with this one and it shows.

Wendy's Gouda Bacon Cheeseburger [Review]
Premium IngredientsBoth sauces formed tasty blendRich, decadent feel
$5.09Less is more with sauce quantity
8.5Overall Score
Reader Rating 66 Votes