Wendy’s newest Made-to-Crave burger creation gets the Fast Food Geek treatment.

Wendy’s describes the Bourbon Bacon Cheeseburger like this:

A quarter-pound* of fresh, never-frozen beef topped with Applewood smoked bacon, American cheese, crispy onions, and a sweet, smoky bourbon bacon sauce that is, essentially, a sauce made with real bourbon and real bacon. Read that part about the sauce again, and we’ll see you soon.

As far as fast food promotions go, the Bourbon Bacon Cheeseburger probably won’t knock anyone’s socks off with ingredients or whacky carnival flair, but that’s not always required for a quality product.

If I were to design my favorite burger design, it would be considered the Cowboy. Typically you have a bacon cheeseburger, add BBQ sauce, and some sort of fried onion product and I’m set. This burger from Wendy’s, features very similar elements, but subs out the traditional BBQ sauce, with a sweet and smoky bourbon glaze.

If you haven’t been around the block recently, you should know that Wendy’s typical combo prices are stretching dangerously close to sit down restaurant territory, especially for a promotional burger. Around Pittsburgh, PA, getting a small combo with the Bacon Bourbon Burger as your entree you are right around the $9 mark.

On Wendy’s website, they actually make a push for you to make this a double burger for an extra $1, which pushes the total price to near $10 and that is with a small beverage and small fries. I’m no financial expert, but if I’m driving through somewhere, and I’m spending closet to a Hamilton on one meal, it better pack a pow.

If you’ve taken high school English and know a thing or two about foreshadowing, you might be reading between the lines and can predict I was a little underwhelmed with the sandwich’s girth.

As you can see from just the foil wrapped burger, it may be hard to tell whether this was a value meal sandwich or one that is premium promotion. Even after unwrapping it, you may still have trouble answering that.

While the premium bun was large, and all of the essential ingredients were there, almost every one of them were disappointing in quantity. There were two measly sized bacon pieces, a somewhat small amount of fried onions, and an embarrassingly small squirt of bourbon glaze. While I haven’t had a Wendy’s 1/4 lb burger recently, the beef patty just doesn’t look or feel like much more than Jr. Bacon Chee. One promising note was the dual cheese slices in use surrounding the beef.

Taste wise the sandwich was quite good. The mix of ingredients were savory, smoky, and sweet. The beef and cheese had a nice umami flair, the bacon was juicy, and the onions were zesty. While there was barely any of the glaze on the sandwich, it had a nice and diverse flavor. Its sweet and tangy taste combined with the thinner glaze like consistency created just enough of a profile change that the burger differed from a standard Cowboy Burger.

Regardless of taste, when your $6 single burger almost feels like a slider, you can’t hide from the bitterness of Disappointment Town USA. If you get a double burger and there was more glaze present, I’d say this would be solid. But then you’d also be pushing deeper into your wallet and waistline. This burger tasted good but couldn’t overcome its value.

Wendy’s Bourbon Bacon Burger: 5/10