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A few months back, we reviewed Wendy’s most recent deluxe fry option with the BBQ Pulled Pork Cheese Friesand came away largely impressed. Wendy’s fries are some of the best in the fast eating world and when you combine elements from premium sandwiches to create a fun side choice, there’s no way to lose.  It’s nice to see restaurants creating multiple items centered around the same new ingredients, even if they’re just for limited time offers.

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Wendy’s Bacon Fondue Fries have now been released alongside of the Gouda Bacon Cheeseburger and the two shared ingredients within both are the Swiss Gruyere Cheese Sauce and of course, bacon.  One of the all time classic concession stand foods is cheese fries and this is definitely Wendy’s grown up, trendy take on that traditional treat.

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Fondue is typically when you melt some sort of artisan cheese in pot and then dip a whole assortment of foods in it to your heart’s content.  This might be a pretty loose interpretation of what fondue really is, but it still provides the veil of quality here with the Swiss Gruyere cheese in use.

Upon initial inspection the most intriguing visual with these fries was the fact that the bacon bits that are typically used as toppers have been replaced with full on strips of bacon.  While they are probably the same actual ingredient in the end, full strips of bacon somehow just feel more substantial when you take a huge bite of bacon.

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The Swiss Fondue cheese sauce is sultry in nature. Providing a great creamy consistency that is upper echelon compared to typical radioactive cheese sauces you taste. The still crispy and hot fries at the bottom of this created a winner.

Wendy’s Bacon Fondue Fries-The Verdict

So when you combine a great cheese sauce, full strips of bacon, and hot, crispy fries is there a way that it could fail? Well anything is possible but doesn’t happen here.  At $1.99, a solid value is found here. If you like, cheese, bacon, and friend things and aren’t afraid to go all in on Gruyere, give these a shot.


Wendy's Bacon Fondue Fries [Review]
Swiss Gruyere Cheese is a winnerFull bacon stripsWendy's fries real solid
Somewhat quick shelf life before sog kicks in
8.2Overall Score
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