The cult favorite is back on Taco Bell’s permanent menu after a 2+ year hiatus, so we decided to take a look.

Taco Bell describes the iconic Mexican pizza like this:

Seasoned beef and refried beans between two Mexican Pizza shells with Mexican Pizza sauce, three-cheese blend, and tomatoes on top.

Now I can’t rewrite history and act like I was a huge fanatic of the Mexican Pizza prior to Taco Bell taking it away as part of the Great Menu Simplification Act of 2019 that spelled the end of many popular items, but there was certainly unrest from plenty of consumers. The musical artist Doja Cat, who I honestly couldn’t pick out from a police lineup, has been Tok Tok’ing and verbally requesting the Mexican Pizza to return at live shows for some time, even creating a catchy jingle.

Taco Bell has since relented, bringing back the Mexican Pizza to the full time, permanent menu, bypassing a limited time only run that would have surely caused some pandemonium. Coming in as an a la carte option for $4.49, or as part of a combo with two tacos and a drink for $8.99, the Mexican Pizza fits right in on the Taco Bell regular menu item by seeming quite pricey.

When opening up the personal pan sized pizza box, the Mexican Pizza has a pretty tasty appearance. Appearing like a Mexican sandwich of sorts, the pizza has a saucy, cheesy, and crunchy demeanor. While I’m heavily convinced that Mexican pizza sauce is most likely red enchilada sauce, it does venture away slightly from the standard 3 ingredients most Taco Bell items rely on.

Upon an initial investigation of the pizza “filling” I was underwhelmed by the haphazard and skimpy spread. The beef and bean conglomerate is supposed to cover the tostada pizza shells from edge to edge, but this pie didn’t get the memo.

When biting into the pieces, I was pleased with the varying textures and flavors. The pizza shells were thin and crispy, somehow surviving the ride home without becoming a soggy sponge. The beef and bean filling was a tasty and hearty base, while the top shell’s topping bonanza was three ring circus of flavor.

Combining a smattering of a mild like, taco sauce, then covered in shredded cheese and tomatoes, the top shell represented a quasi pizza like experience in theory. At least they didn’t skimp on these toppings, as the top layer was cased in sauce and cheese.

The Taco Bell Mexican Pizza provided the classic “cruncheweesy” taste profile that we’ve come to know and love. With just enough differentiating ingredients to set it apart from the rest of the menu, I can understand why the hardcore Mexican Pizza fans exit. While I’d like to have more beef and beans for the $4.49 premium priced item, I can safely say the Taco Bell Mexican pizza tasted like a certified cult classic.

Taco Bell Mexican Pizza: 7/10