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Taco Bell has long been known for their off the charts promotional items.  Typically they involve a new form factor, a brand new flavor, or an insane value.  The Taco Bell Boss Wrap breaks away somewhat here by providing a premium priced item, with a familiar form factor, and a large combination of previously used ingredients.  While there are two different varieties of Boss Wraps, as we documented in our news report, I decided to go with the Fully Loaded Steak Boss Wrap because it seems to be marketed more as the signature item.

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  • Double portion of steak (double the typical taco amount)
  • Avocado ranch sauce
  • Guacamole
  • Sour cream
  • Lettuce
  • Pico
  • Flattened crunchy taco shell
  • Grill’d Crunchwrap style flour tortilla

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First Impressions

The title Fully Loaded Boss Wrap gives me the impression that this wrap should be stuffed to the brim with ingredients, especially due to the fact that the ingredient list is downright staggering in nature. Sometimes less is more with fast food, meaning that there is always one too many ingredients for employees to forget or to over apply creating a sludgy mess.

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Ordering items such as this on the first day can create quite a few problems.  They’re brand new so all aspects of the ordering, preparation, and eating process can be complicated. The cashier spent a good minute finding the Boss Wrap button, allowing the line behind me to bubble up.  Sneaking a peak in the back, I witnessed the employee squinting at the video board, going back and forth between the Wrap and board to figure out what all was supposed to be in there.  This deliberate technique ended up yielding a Boss Wrap that was more or less middle management.

The Fully Loaded Boss wrap was not, in fact, fully loaded at all.  Quarter Loaded comes to mind, as there were many bites that were simply only carbohydrate in nature.  The guacamole and avocado ranch sauce were completely absent, leaving only a huge slathering of sour cream to act as the lone sauce.  I mentioned that these type of items typically have too many ingredients, but I didn’t want the Taco Bell employee to take things into their own hands by 86’ing ingredients at will.

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Whatever items that did make it into my Boss Wrap were solid.  The Steak was a great protein option, although I was very skeptical that there was a double portion in there because the back end of the wrap lacked meat for multiple bites.  The flat hard shell taco provides a great crunch that has always excelled in the Crunchwrap Supreme with the steak, sour cream, cheese, and pico de gallo providing a great supporting cast.

Taco Bell Fully Loaded Steak Boss Wrap – The Verdict

This LTO has some potential, but it truly needs to be loaded to justify the $5.29 price tag.  I feel like that type of price for one Taco Bell item deserves all of the ingredients advertises as well as something that is gut bustingly packed with meat.  What I received really didn’t live up to that title nor did it have much going for it over the typical Crunchwrap Supreme.


Taco Bell Fully Loaded Boss Wrap [Review]
Steak was tender juicyCrunchwrap structure always a winner
Missing ingredients$5.29 price tagLack of fully loadedness
5Overall Score
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