When Taco Bell unveiled the Boss Wraps last month, there was a strong resemblance to the Crunchwrap Supreme, already on the menu.  The Boss Wraps of course added premium ingredients to be differentiators and apparently are full time menu items now considering they have survived the intro of a new menu item as well.  Last month we thought the Boss moniker might have been a little premature as our Fully Loaded variety lacked a couple of advertised ingredients and didn’t live up fully to the $5 price tag.  This month, the Boss Line of products is expanding with the Boss Nachos and another eery comparison to a Taco Bell product from yesteryear.  


  • Bed of tortilla chips
  • Double portion of steak (chicken or beef)
  • Nacho cheese sauce
  • “Beans”
  • Guacamole scoop
  • Pico de gallo scoop
  • Reduced Fat Sour Cream Scoop
  • Shredded 3 Cheese blend


First Impressions

As you can see from the above listing, we have a classic case of an over the top nacho experience. Sit down restaurants are crushing these types of things as a table friendly app with monikers like “7 Napkin Nachos” or “Battleship Nachos” that leaves the table practically full before their entrees even arrive.  If you’re a Taco Bell alum, you’ll also get the sneaking suspicion that this plate is the same (or similar) to the famed XXL Nachos that came out in 2012 and very early 2014. The only notable difference is the XXL’s 3x Steak compared to the Boss’s “double” the meat.  It’s clear that Taco Bell is rebranding with the Boss factor, so we took a look to see what the Boss Nachos brought to the proverbial table.


From the get go, I can state fully that I’ve been loving the fast food industry’s attention to detail as far as branding and packaging.  The Boss Wraps have their own special bag and the plastic dome here is no different with the Boss Nachos moniker.  What’s also very evident is that this dude is huge.  While I should have actually busted out a tape measurer it felt almost like a ruler wide worth of food.  At $5.99 and a whopping 1190 caloric total, my impression is that the Boss Nachos are meant to share.  If we’re talking $3 a person and down to a way more reasonable 600 calorie-ish portion, these look way better value and diet wise.


First glance it actually appears that there are a plethora of chips here and only a small amount of toppings. But after further investigation what really we have here is a concentrated topping bucket that goes down deeper than a kiddie pool. This makeup actually works out well for me because with nachos in general, my strategy is to get in and out with as little finger slop as possible. While this is an improbable task, especially considering we’re talking about 6+ toppings, the majority of them being in a semi solid to liquid state, the perimeter of untouched chips helped me out considerably.


Using the “chip in each hand working as team” approach I learned in adolescence I was quickly scooping up the variable array of toppings like dueling shovels.  With only “double the meat” compared to the XXL’s 3x I was partially skeptical about the amount I would see, but to me, there was plenty of steak.  Even towards the end of the line, I was finding strips of steak hidden underneath the toppings, hoping to make it out unscathed.  I couldn’t’ find a ton of beans, which are actually the refried variety although not billed as such.  But in general, the guac, nacho cheese, salsa, sour cream, and chips were bountiful in every way.

Taco Bell Steak Boss Nachos – The Verdict

The overall experience here was an over the top feast of primal nature. I mean, I imagine most parents will tell you that you’r not supposed to eat nachos as a meal, but as a prime adult, I’ve found that most anything can be a meal if you eat enough of it.  I found the beans to be somewhat lacking, some of the chips cracked under the pressure of dipping into the toppings, and almost 1200 caloric content were a tad astronomic.  But if you’re going to pig out on some great loaded nachos, the Steak Boss Nachos are well worth sharing with your closest friend.


Taco Bell Boss Nachos [Review]
Loads of topping plunging in depthReally decent amount of steakPlenty of crunchy chips to use for dipping
Price and calories best split between 2 people
7.7Overall Score
Reader Rating 32 Votes