Subway has continued to add premium meats to their lineup following what we felt was a good debut with the Rotisserie Style Chicken. We now have the debut of a thick cut Turkey and a revamped Applewood smoked bacon product.  The new thicker turkey is in Thanksgiving style slab form and doesn’t replace its typical lunch meat style, sliced cousin, because alas it costs way more.  


  • Italian Bread
  • American Cheese
  • Carved Turkey (2 Slabs per 6 inch)
  • Applewood smoked bacon (2 slices per 6 inch)
  • Lettuce
  • Tomato
  • Mayo


What You Need to Know:

This sub comes it at a staggering price range, with a 6 inch almost costing $5 and the Footlong coming in at a mammoth $9.52 at my store.  These sky high prices may be enough for most of Subway’s typical customers to turn a blind eye, but you’ve gotta try  them to see if they’re even worth the premium.

Also of note, the 6 inch sub is noted to have 570 calories and 26 grams of fat.  This seems crazy high, but this for once is an actual nutritional figure from Subway because it includes the cheese and mayo, which are typically left out. There are plenty of ways to lighten this load, for instance going with light mayo or brown mustard and sans the cheese, but we took this one for a spin with the advertised route.


First Impressions:

No matter what you do with a Subway sandwich, you can’t make it look too gourmet. Maybe it’s the shards of iceberg lettuce that are piled onto the sandwiches with a misguided eye, or the simple fact that the bread sleeve covers almost everything up so the sandwich looks hollow when closed.  Either way if you open up the bun, we can get glimpses of the thick turkey and the sauntering slices of bacon we came for.

The turkey, while thick cut, and free of artificial preservatives (yay), doesn’t really seem all that tasty.  It didn’t have a real hearty or noticeable taste sensation to go along with the new physical presence.  To me turkey isn’t that flavorful to begin with, but when Subway is pulling out slabs of turkey from the back already lodged in those black containers it wasn’t all too surprising that it was blander than an NBA game in November.

The bacon didn’t really stand out either, getting lost along the way with the other toppings. I actually opened up the sandwich at one point to squeeze off a piece just to taste it independently.  It’s thicker and crispier than Subway bacon prior, but really nothing special.  Arby’s and even Dunkin Donuts are really doing special things with their bacon these days, caramelizing and adding in pepper and brown sugar, so this really doesn’t stand up.


Subway Carved Turkey & Bacon- The Verdict

I added some pickles and banana peppers to the mix to spice things up  in case you didn’t notice and I’m glad I did. This sandwich is alarmingly bland, especially because the mayo adds little for taste.  The turkey and bacon are present physically but the taste is really muted.  If you’re going to pay a minimum wage hour’s worked for a sub, you’d sure hope it tasted like more than the paper it was wrapped in.  We really liked the rotisserie chicken option due to the increased taste profile, but the carved turkey really didn’t have it.

Subway Carved Turkey & Bacon [Review]
Thick Cut Turkey is hearty in textureNew bacon is better than old bacon
Huge pricesLittle tasteSubway mayo is liquid blandness
5.5Overall Score
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