In a world that is increasingly getting smaller and smaller, international products are now becoming more and more likely to cross borders. We saw it when the Black Bun of Japan crossed over to the states with the Halloween Whopper from Burger King for a mere three weeks before it was pulled due to bowel complications and now we’re seeing it with a Canadian classic flavor touching down.  The cult classic All Dressed Ruffles chips is the number one flavor north of the border and for a limited time, it’s available in the US of A.

While it’s somewhat of a secret blend and taste, many have described the All Dressed flavor as a mix of ketchup, vinegar, and BBQ.  To many this may sound like a disturbing mound of confusion but the word around the way side is that these are actually very tasty.



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First Impressions

I’ve long been a fan of the Ruffles chip structure. There’s a lot of crunch, lots of surface area for different bits of flavorings and spices, and lots of calories.  This is the ultimate structure to just pound in a sitting where you need to drown some sorrows.  The sour cream and cheddar variant of these has always been my fat kid classic go to.  So as far as chip structure, this is the perfect vehicle to bring in enough flavor to knock you off of your seat.

After initial inspection these chips are coated in flavoring.  There is enough shade on the potato to black out a room.  Biting down reveals a huge ambush of flavors.  The term layer of flavors is a great description here.  There is a wave like intensity where in one bite you taste the spice nature that is reminiscent of ketchup-ness, another bite tastes like the sweet sassy molassy BBQ sauce, and in the next bite you have the acidic vinegar shine on through.  While it sounds wild, they all come together to create a great new flavor I didn’t know existed.

Ruffles All Dressed Chips – The Verdict

While they’re only available for a limited amount of time, these potentially could be Ruffles 2nd best or best flavor.  They’re that tasty. While it may seem like a gimmick to just throw a whole bunch of stuff against the wall, everything sticks in this instance and these are definitely something I want to hord 25 bags of and hope they last me until the next “limited time” they are available.


Ruffles All Dressed [Review]
Great chip baseWaves of flavorDiverse seasoningsBrand new taste
Limited time only
8.5Overall Score
Taste 8.5
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