Quiznos’s has fallen on what seems to be hard times. In a world of $5 deals and intense competition, I can’t help but notice that they are closing down all over the WPA, WNY regions. However through these tough times, the original quizno’s near my home in WNY is still open.

I scooped up a faithful friend, lubed up my eating pants and decided to grab lunch at the Q.

Their newest offering this month is The Double Cheese Cheesesteak. Ok, initial instincts here…. It has the word double, and the word cheese doubled up. So by fat kid math thats 4 servings of cheese…or at least a wagon full of artisan meats and cheeses. I added on the Chipotle Jack bread just for good measure and prepared myself for this toasty delight.

I unsheathed this over priced sandwich from its Q shaped bowl, and dug in anticipating a river flood of cheeses and meat juice. Nothing. This thing had the fluff of a brand new pillow, and almost no cheesy, flavor/texture.  It was more disappointing than the Buffalo Sabres 2011-2012 season. It tasted like a hot roast beef sandwich, but nothing that warranted such a price increase. The only thing that saves it from a failure is that I loaded up on free jalapenos (Ja-lap-inos), and pickles.

The regular sized Quiznos combo totaled out at $9.55, A hefty price for what is the medium sized sandwich that lacks true gut busting satisfaction.  Can’t even imagine the price of the large, I would probably have to refinance my car to handle the bill.

Quizno’s Double Cheese Cheese Steak: 2/5