“Buffalo chicken is the new craze” – America five years ago. 
It seems strange that Quiznos has waited until now to add a buffalo chicken sub to their offerings when it has already saturated the fast food market.  I’m pretty sure even Panda Express added buffalo chicken to their menu years ago (they didn’t).  But surprisingly, after countless buffalo flavored wings, wraps, sandwiches, and pizzas I still gladly took the trip to my nearest Quiznos and gave their offering a try.

My expectations were pretty low based on Subway’s awful buffalo chicken offering. Perhaps Quiznos learned from subways stomach destroying sandwich that it spent years redesigning and recalculating. Quiznos approach is quite different. First the chicken isn’t bathed in that blood red sauce; they don’t even apply any sauce directly to the chicken. They also spring for two gourmet touches: crumbled blue cheese and “crispy fried onions.” I ordered my sandwich with everything and dug in.

Because the sauce is applied to the bread, and because every sub maker takes their frustrations out by blasting your sandwich with sauce, it becomes slightly sloppy. The sauce was also a little creamy and could have been spicier. The crumbled blue cheese and fried onions really make this sandwich and give it a lot more flavor than the slimy soggy half assed subway version. I can’t even imagine how long ago, or in which country those fried onions were fried, but it didn’t matter, I was just happy that they made it to my sandwich. It also comes with “melted mozzarella” which I couldn’t really taste at all and seems completely unnecessary with blue cheese already on there. Next time I’d save the 40 calories and order it without the mozzarella.

With all the inspried additions, this sandwich may lead to a buffalo flavored renaissance, the second coming of the sauce. Hopefully it’ll stick around for a while, because I want to go back for more.