For ages it seems, Pizza Hut has done everything they can to differentiate the crust portion of their pizzas.  The Stuff’d Crust Pizza is in the gimmick Hall of Fame, continuing to cause spontaneous production lapses and uncontrolled naps after consumption.  Pizza Hut has done breadstick crusts, Cheesy Bites crusts, as well as Hot Dog crusts.  This time around we hit the area of pretty damn familiar with Garlic Knots crust.  A subtle take on the Cheesy Bites by slapping on some garlic and seasoning onto a doughy ball of cheese and advertising the hell out of it.  Let’s dive in.


  • Large 1 Topping Pizza Hut Pizza w/ unfinished crust area
  • 16 Garlic Knot cheese filled balls (2 per slice)
  • Marinara Dipping sauce


First Impressions:

IMG_0777 IMG_0778
Our first impressions couldn’t have been any more diminished.  The Garlic Knot quota failed miserably on the pie.  The Pizza Hut website proudly labels the pizza as having 16 garlic knots on the crust, but ours clearly only had 10. Considering most of Pizza Hut’s gimmick crusts are typically of the pre-made variety, it showed that something went terribly wrong here.  Was this crust made on premises and we got gipped big time or is there just a world wide Garlic Knot shortage? Regardless, of the situation, it’s a big time downer going all in on a limited time offer and being short changed before even taking a bite.

IMG_0780 IMG_0779
On to the pizza aspect.  Some time ago, Pizza Hut did the full revamp of their menu, offering boatloads of different crust options, sauce drizzles, and new topping to reinvigorate the menu.  While the hype never fully landed, I’ve been very impressed with some of the new crust flavors, including the Hut Favorite and Toasted Cheddar.  That being said, the actual pizza aspect of this is largely good. This pizza comes on the hand tossed crust, which for my money is Pizza Hut’s most solid option. We all like the Pan variety but I it’s so prefabricated and sponge like I feel like a blimp a piece or two into it.  With the hand tossed crust, a robust sauce, a plethora of pepperoni, I was pleased with these aspects.

IMG_0784 IMG_0783
The crust here was a large disappointment.  Not only were there knots missing but the knots themselves were fairly ordinary.  Some were way more air than cheese inside, while others were lacking garlic coating at all on top.  The bottom portion of the balls were completely devoid of any breaded nature and were instead just plain white bread.  In addition, whenever you took the knots off of the crust you were left with a big empty void.  In the end, this pizza would have been better with one of Pizza Hut’s new flavored crusts, which not only are cheaper, but also way more flavorful.

Pizza Hut Stuffed Garlic Knots Crust- The Verdict

I really couldn’t have been less excited about this pizza.  From the missing garlic knots, to their bland taste, to the fact that the crust was largely worse than a standard Pizza Hut pizza, there really wasn’t much going on here.  If Pizza Hut had delivered on their promise of 16 knots, landed them  up with cheese and the garlic coating, we might have had something here.  But the execution falls really flat and this looks like a large fail.

Pizza Hut Stuffed Garlic Knots Pizza [Review]
Actual pizza aspect was fairly positive
Missing Garlic KnotsGarlic Knots were largely bland and not very "stuffed"Actual crust was ruined in the process as well
4.6Overall Score
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