It’s hard to imagine making a pizza with pockets of cheese look gourmet, but Pizza Hut is sure attempting in the photo pictured above.  So is this pizza just a reshaped and rebranded Stuff’d Crust? Or has Pizza Hut discovered a niche market for those who’ve been yearning for a pizza with a removable cheese component? Do the cheese pockets really have a 5 cheese blend? Can the crust component double as a sponge of grease? Fast Food Geek was on the scene to try to answer all of your questions. 

Some kind of strange excitement and anticipation occurs whenever you order a food product that is this zany and unpredictable.  The Crazy Cheesy Crust Pizza’s name is so blunt and straightforward that it’s hard to imagine there was much time and thought put behind it.  As usual with most Pizza Hut gimmicks, their crust is at the forefront. Going along the lines of Stuffed Crust, Ultimate Stuffed Crust, Breadstick Crust Pizza, and the Cheesy Bites Pizza, Pizza Hut wants you to focus on the crust and not the rest of the pie.  Come to think of it, this pizza looks a lot like an open faced Cheesy Bites Pizza.
Opening up the slimmed down, cost cutting box it’s hard not to focus on the crust.  Misshapen, non uniform, and uneven, the crust really looks like a failed experiment.  The promo pictures really make it seem like these cheese pockets are standardized and act as a sort of appetizer that you could pull off the crust without much fanfare.  
It would be near impossible to pull off one of the pockets without damning the whole composition of the pizza. To me it almost looks like the cheese pockets almost have the appearance of a roasted mallow. 
What’s hard not to see about this pizza is the overall pool of grease glistening and pooling throughout.   While  it looks like a utopia of cheese and sauce, when you pull up a slice, the remnants of grease remind me of evidence left at a crime scene.  
It was legitimately hard to handle my phone while eating this pizza because I feared that the grease on my fingers would eat through the surface of my screen.  Biting down, there was a complete lack of sauce underneath the cheese roof.  All you can really taste is an extremely loose and lubed up skin of cheese and sponge like crust that was almost completely soaked through.  
Sauce apparently was optional and we were pretty disappointed considering, Stuffed Crust Pizza usually has a bolder and smokier sauce that helps you handle the massive amounts of cheese.  With only trace amounts, it was hard not to suffocate and drown in the cheese and grease.  
Finally making it to the cheese pocket, I was already on dairy overload.  But biting down on the pocket, did contribute a distinguished and somewhat pleasing taste.  There’s a large layering of cheese in there, but the fact that you can barely tell what is cheese and what is crust leads to more questions than answers about the composition of the 5 cheese blend.  All the while, I kept thinking that there really wasn’t more cheese in this than the Stuffed Crust or even the Cheesy Bites pizza and also how much I wished there was some marinara dipping sauce to give a more diverse flavor.  This pizza left us with nothing but guilt and stomach quivers.
Pizza Hut Crazy Cheesy Crust Pizza:
1 Slice of Pepperoni: 
Calories: 390
Fat: 20 g

Taste: C-
~Fast Food Geek