While we’ve seen in the recent weeks that overseas Pizza Huts have gone off the deep end, with pizza crusts not only stuffed with hot dogs but also with crusts made out of cheeseburgers, one thing is quite safe to say: Pizza Hut’s American gimmicks are pre school tame in comparison.  With their re-release of the Cheesy Bites Pizza, Pizza Hut isn’t really pushing much of anything by adding bite sized cheese balls to a crust.  If you ask me, this is a rather uninspired knockoff to the Stuff’d Crust Pizza, just in ball form.

After my family ordered up a Cheesy Bites Pizza for our weekly Pizza Friday’s, I began to exude in anticipation. It has been quite some time since I had reviewed anything by the big red hut. But as I’ve come to find with most anything from “America’s most overrated and prefabricated Pizza”, don’t expect anything more than you would with any fast food joint.  Just because Pizza Hut serves pizza and has sit down services, it’s still a fast food joint at it’s core and nothing more.  This can temper expectations quicker than a monsoon on your campfire.

Upon opening up the pizza box for practically one of the most dramatic unveils you can do with any type of food, I noticed that the Cheesy Bites pizza isn’t perfect and uniform like typical Pizza Hut pan pizzas, but rather sloppy, untamed, and mismanaged. Its hard not to notice the fact that crust is not exactly ripe with prime time cheese bites. Some small, some large, some round, some with larger holes than in your check book, the cheese bite making process must be long and labor intensive.  It’s also easy to notice the section on the right side of the pizza where Hank must have gotten hungry while making this and decided to save some for himself.

Grabbing a piece is actually much harder than you would think.  Typically the average human uses the crust area as a focal pressure point so that you don’t get your hands super slopped.  Not really an effective option here so you find yourself balancing the pie in the palm of your hand like a waiter’s drink tray at high noon.  
I’m still trying to figure out, days later, how these cheese bites stay attached to the pizza for they seem to be just hanging there perilously like a mountain climber about to fall to his doom.  While this pizza doesn’t exactly fit the stigma of Stuff’d Crust where Pizza Hut would claim that you’d eat crust first, it provides a complimentary feel where I would take a bite out of za then pop a cheese bite into my feed hole.  

The cheese bites taste pretty much like balls of the Stuff’d Crust pizza.  Even has the same wad like gooey cheese inside.  Each of the bites has some sort of magical garlic dust on them that provide a very welcoming zest.  The actual pizza tastes pretty good here was well.  Pizza Hut seems to be using a spunkier and more peppery sauce in this batch.  This flavor boost is much more appealing than the traditionally bland sauce typically used.
Overall the Cheesy Bites Pizza is a bit of a mess and more like a Frankenpizza than anything.  But with pretty tasty cheesy bites coupled with some zesty sauce, I’ll spring this to a 2.5 rating.
Pizza Hut Cheesy Bites Pizza: 2.5/5