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Oreo cookies have become quite the rage.  With brand new flavors and seasonal options dropping like leaves in the fall it’s quite easy to get overwhelmed.  While the Peppermint Oreo’s aren’t the Cinnamon Bun or Stuffed Cupcake we had hoped for, they fit the holiday motif that is penetrating throughout the food realm quite well so let’s take them for a ride.

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  • Chocolate Oreo Cookies
  • Pink peppermint flavored creme

First Impressions

While the packaging on these cookies reflect the circular hard candy’s that every doctor’s office in America has where you sign in, the release date surrounding these screams candy canes.  I’m guessing here that the swirling of the red and white stripes of the peppermint candies creates pink.  Once again Oreo seems to have mailed in the creme on their cookies instead of making something truly earth shattering by having white and red stripes.

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In a technical sense, Mint Oreos exist already in the world but with a cool mint green color creme, creating the wonderful conundrum of what the difference between the cookies is besides food coloring alterations.  While they seem to work hand in hand with Dairy Queen’s Blizzards, it can’t be denied that there is quite the connection with the new Candy Cane Oreo Blizzard just having been released.

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Despite all of these philosophical thoughts, I still ate a couple of these cookies and was pleased.  The mint chocolate combination is classic mix that York has perfected in their peppermint patties, so the tastes here definitely create a good mix.  It may be some sort of placebo effect or just the holiday feel in the air, but I do in fact get a candy cane vibe that is impossible to put into coherent words.  Taste engineers might be able to prove that these taste identical to Mint Oreos but the differing colors told a different tale.

Peppermint Oreos – The Verdict

If you’re a fan of mint and you like Oreo’s and celebrate the Holiday season, these cookies will hit the spot. While this flavor has been done many times before, that doesn’t take away from a solid tasting cookie.

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