Way back during the warm summer months, McDonald’s released a new “Signature Gourmet Pie” to the world. Although I’ve never seen the words gourmet and S’mores in the same sentence, I’m a huge sucker for these delectable camp fire creations, so my fiance and I had to give them a try.

The golden arches has been famous for pumping out warm baked apple pies for years now.  There’s really not much too them other than the fact that they’re cheap, stuffed into a red box, and they’re really effing good.  The S’mores pie applies the same general practice.  Take a graham cracker crust, fill it up side by side with mallow and chocolate filling and there’s your pie.

While the promo photo makes the pie look plumper than a sumo wrestler at low tide, the reality is quite deflating.  The length couldn’t be longer than 6 inches and the pie seemed to have been running on a half tank of goo.  The side by side filling is quite odd, considering I would think the general s’mores sensibilities would include a melted mix of the ingredients, not a middle school slow dance distance from one another.
Despite the lackluster appearance and size, we both agreed that the taste was pretty good.  Nothing too special, but by no means bad.  Tasted reasonably s’more esque and with the value pricing of around a buck, definitely worth a shot.  2.5/5 stars.
McDonald’s S’mores Pie: 2.5/5 
Until the next sauce,
Fast Food Geeks