First off is the McDonald’s Premium Grilled Chicken Classic. A little while ago, McDonald’s decided that they needed to add some glitz and glam to their overpriced chicken line, so they added the word “premium”, changed nothing about the sandwiches, and tacked on another fifty cents to the price tag. I don’t know if it has something to do with supply and demand, or whether fake beef is easier to simulate than fake chicken, but fast food poultry costs more than a Fiat (no way Jennifer Lopez even knows what a Fiat is, let alone drives one through an urban setting with the windows down).

McDonald’s didn’t’ really think outside of the box with this sandwich make up. With lettuce, tomato, and mayo being the only thing accompanying the “breast filet”, I’m pretty sure I’ve seen more creativity from ABC Family. Another trending topic among grilled chicken sandwiches, is the aptly famed bakery buns. McDonald’s version comes with an abundance of whole grains that is touted on the box for having 8 whole grams. Sure after McDonald’s over saturates your mid section with french fried fritters and meat that was developed in a science experiment, they come swooping in to save your obesity with whole grains!

Though its hard to tell from the half section photo’d above. There was enough mayo “dressing” on this sandwich to fill an in ground swimming pool. The bun, lettuce, tomato, and sauce were wetter than a wave pool but the chicken felt like it was freeze dried in sand. While it probably wouldn’t have been good for marketing, inferior chicken sandwiches is far more accurate.

It’s a wonder that the sandwich registers only 9 grams of fat and 380 calories, given the fact that theres over a baker’s dozen ingredients in just the margarine marinade for the chicken. Do yourself a favor and pass on the mayonnaise meltdown and shave off 5 grams of fat in the process. Side note: I’m pretty sure I didn’t end up ingesting any of those whole grains, considering my car floor was littered with more artisan bun dust than an 80’s bathroom stall. McDonald’s “Premium” Grilled Chicken Classic gets a 1.5 rating.

McDonald’s “Premium” Grilled Chicken Classic: 1.5/5


McDonald’s “Premium” Grilled Chicken Classic: