Fast Food Companies love fooling us silly and salivating Americans with gimmicks each and every month. Mcdonald’s latest attempt is thru its New Daily Double Burgers. They took the Mcdouble, added an extra slice of cheese, lettuce and tomato, and 70 cents.

First off, let me start this whole thing with how much I dislike Mcdonald’s burgers, so much so that this was my first burger from their in well over 5 years. I dont get how people like this garbage. Every time you bite into their meat it disintegrates like a 3rd grade science experiment, and they some how have the unique ability to replicate that of your elementary school cafeteria cooks. Mushy, and musty, this meat is a mess.

Back to the review, This thing was hardly an upgrade over their dollar menu items. I would have gladly just bought off the dollar menu if they just alerted me that they didnt upgrade a thing and added some droopy vegetables.

Side note: Is there anything better than fresh Mcdonald’s fries? And is there anything worse in the world than cold Mcdonald’s fries?
Mcdonald’s Daily Double: 1.5/5