When KFC unveiled that their big countdown was leading up to Original Recipe Boneless we were greatly intrigued.  KFC’s Original Recipe spice concoction is a very solid offering and has carried the restaurant for years with it’s secret list of herbs and spices. But who wants to eat around those pesky bones? So when the wonders of modern technology have created a way for us to enjoy the tastes and sensations of bone in chicken sans the bone we had it give it a try.

KFC is currently offering a 2 piece of Original Recipe Boneless with side, biscuit, and drink all for $4.99. That’s a pretty nice deal for $5.  The chicken comes in either white or dark meat and is supposed to be about twice the size of a chicken strip.  As most things at KFC, or any chicken joint, your mileage will vary in size, shape, and consistency. I ordered up the white meat chicken. The small to-go box is quite constraining and pretty hard to eat out of unless your wrists have extreme dexterity.  Things would have been a lot easier if these came in a covered plate.

The OG Boneless is a decent sized piece of chicken, completely coated and fried up with a crispy breading. They’re definitely a decent bit thicker than a chicken strip, so they’re pretty hefty.  Biting down is a pretty enjoyable tale.  Because there’s no bone to worry about, each bite maximizes potential.  You’re getting a great bit of breading and chicken in each bite compared to the smaller more reserved bites one has to take with bone in chicken.
The white meat chicken looks to be quite succulent and tastes exactly like the breading from the regular Original Recipe.  The taste overall is really peppery and quite salty, which may or may not be good for you, but I’m all about it.  The best aspect of the chicken is the relative juicy nature of the chicken despite being white meat and fried.  Overall we’re very impressed with the Original Recipe Boneless Chicken from KFC.
KFC Original Recipe Boneless (White, 1 Piece):
Calories: 200
Fat: 8 g
Sodium: 610 mg
Protein: 24 g
Taste: A-
~Fast Food Geek