We’ve all made mistakes in life. Lots of em are harmless. All of em we learn from, and most of em we don’t repeat. Today, I made one that I am quite positive I will never forgive myself for. After attempting to try the Taco Bell XXL Chalupa and finding they were sold out. I took one for the team and decided to visit the mack daddy of gimmicks… KFC. Doubledown, Doublicious, Popcorn Shrimp, Grilled Chicken. Month in and month out they produce more overrated products than Penn State Football.

They have been touting their bowls for weeks as “Famous”. Taunting me every evening as I watch TV. A few years ago I vowed I would never eat KFC again, but when the double down came out, and transformed fast food folk tale into a real life fried chicken fright fest, I had to end my boycott.

You ever get the feeling KFC execs just sit around the board room, taking bong rips, and dreaming up the most outrageous combinations of fried food as possible? I mean they created a sandwich with two chicken filets as the bun..

Drink in hand, I sauntered on over to my table. Ready to see how famous this bowl really was. I watched the “chef” LaShawnda prepare my bowl in front of my eyes, with about as much enthusiasm as I had running the mile in gym class. Not sure if she was mad at her job, or just her hairdresser. My guess was both. She slopped together ingredients, applied the lid, and I was ready to attempt to consume this mashed potato misery.

Let me start by saying, the aromas from this bowl were non existent. The bacon smelled artificial, and the amount of gravy could have drowned a golden retriever. They should have served it to me equipped with a raft, paddle, and life vest. I was caught in the raging rapids of gravy and survival was going to be a challenge. 
As you can see, it looks like someone snuck a can of Purina into my famous bowl… I kinda wish they had, it may have given it some more flavor. This thing lacked more taste than my 6th grade wardrobe. Soggy, Saucy, Sloppy, Sluggish, Squeamish. All these could describe this abomination, and my state of being post consumption. My biggest fears going in, were relived ten fold. As we’ve said before, if it seems too good to be true, it probably is. And this one might take the cake. 
A fast food rule to live by: If its served in a bowl, it’ll blow out your hole.
KFC Cheesy Bacon Bowl: 1.5/5
KFC Cheesy Bacon Bowl (Famous Bowl Nutrition Information plus 60 cals estimate for bacon):