It has become abundantly clear through the realms of time that fast Food titans can shell out oily, grease filled bloaters that can make your stomach feel like it will burst like 8 pounds of shit in a 6 pound sack. But what gets little fan fare, next to no publicity, and less attention than hockey on ESPN is the grilled chicken items at fast food joints. But there might be a reason for this.

The last person to advertise something grilled was KFC when they decided that marinating something in ten tubs of butter and having Rachel draw grill marks on what appears to be chicken was a good idea. If you ask the average Joseph on the street I doubt they could even tell you that McDonald’s has a grilled chicken sandy, let alone three. Often overlooked for the “crispy” option (crispy is the delicate way of saying fried deeper than that National debt), the grilled sandwich gets no love.

So as our continuing efforts to highlight the Light Sizers of the fast food industry, we’ll be taking a look at items that pack less than 15 g’s of fat, and under 575 caloric units. To kickstart it all off, we decided to tackle four grilled chicken sandwich options from the fast food juggernauts: McDonald’s, Wendy’s, Chic-Fil-A, and Subway. Take a look at the following four posts to wet that pallet of yours!