A good 16 weeks ago, all the way back in late September, news broke that Cinnamon Bun Oreos would be released at some point.  There was mass hysteria in all directions and there were many Instagram likes to be had.  Time has passed and now that we’re starting to stare a dark and frozen winter right in the eye, Nabisco has dropped the infamous cinnamon roll infused sandwich cookies into our laps.  So has the hype taken over or do these cookies actually live up to the madness?


The Ingredients:

  • Cinnamon flavored Oreo Cookie
  • “Cinnamon Bun” flavored creme

First Impressions

Before we dig in too far, I can say without a shadow of a doubt, I’m a breakfast pastry man.  Donuts and cinnamon rolls are right up my alley, the sweeter, doughier, and glazed the better.  As a lad, I used to religiously preheat the oven, pop the Pillsbury Cinnamon Roll Tub open off of the counter, bake and ice the crap of out the cinnamon rolls each weekend.  Now that nostalgia and background are out of the way, I was fairly surprised it took Oreo to release this flavor, especially considering Watermelon’s bridge was crossed already.  You’ll also notice that Oreo once again decided that instead of a major dual branding effort with someone like Cinnabon it was important to go generic as possible and keep all of the profits for themselves.

As you notice the actual cookie is a new Oreo blend, that is a little darker than the golden Oreo cookie and just a little bit different than the Graham cookie used for the S’mores Oreo.  They actually reminded a little of the Belvita Breakfast Biscuit Cinnamon flavor, with a little bit more cookie sweetness and less whole grain texture.  There are reddish bursts of cinnamon visible throughout the cookies and provide some intriguing textural components.

Where the cookies really seem to shine are the Cinnamon Bun flavored creme.  The creme is amply applied, thick and shiny in nature.  It almost seems like some of the cookie sandwiches were loaded with double stuffing.  The taste was spot on with a Cinnabon sensibility.  Heavy buttery flavor mixed together with a creamy sensation, and a subtle hint of cinnamon truly gives you the whole picture, even without the cookie.  Adding the cookie with the creme, we have a truly solid Oreo variation.  The taste is spot on with a cinnamon roll and I came away pretty impressed.

The Verdict-Cinnamon Bun Oreos

The Cinnamon Bun Oreos were widely anticipated and to me Nabisco at least did their best effort to live up to the hype.  These aren’t the best Oreo’s I’ve ever had, but they nail the Cinnamon Roll flavor they were going for.  I could bathe in the creme and the Cinnamon cookie is a great addition.  The cookies are quite sweet and while I can’t see myself eating a bunch at once, they make a great starting point in Oreo’s flavor conquest for 2016.

Cinnamon Bun Oreos [Review]
Cinnamon Bun Creme a standoutNew Cinnamon cookie, bursting with cinnamon bitsPretty much living up to the hype
Overly sweet/Best eaten in small quantities
8.4Overall Score
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