It isn’t too often that Chick-Fil-A releases a new menu item, so when they do you must take notice. Earlier in August, Chick-Fil-A got rid of their breakfast burrito option and replaced it with a new Hash Brown Scramble Bowl and Burrito.

The base elements of the bowl and burrito are the same with a protein of either chicken nuggets, sausage, or in some markets spicy chicken, a bed of scrambled eggs, hash browns, and a nice medley of shredded cheese. These both come with a side of Jalapeño Salsa.  As you can imagine the burrito has all of these items wrapped up in a tortilla while the bowl just throws all of the ingredients together into a potpourri.

I opted for the bowl as it seems the burrito adds around 100 calories and doesn’t really offer much as far as additional nutrition.  The bowl is seemingly aimed to me as a way to load up on protein as it backs 30 grams of protein on a relatively manageable 450 calorie train.

I got this item to go, so I’d really be interested to see how the presentation and consistency would differ when dining in, as the initial glance came off as overly soggy and not too large.  For $3.69 this item almost looked like a side dish and the employee even asked me if I wanted a side of hash browns to go along with my hash brown bowl. That seemed short sighted so I bailed on that.

After topping the bowl with the Jalapeño Salsa packet, I loaded up on some bites entailing all of the ingredients. I was pleased with how everything came together. The scrambled eggs were well textured, despite appearing mushy in nature, the hash brown crispness remained in tact, while the Chick-Fil-A nuggets were their usual tasty selves. The cheese and salsa toppings provided a nice melding of textures and tastes.

It’s hard to really go wrong with cheese, eggs, chicken nuggets, hash browns, and salsa. It sounds good on paper and Chick-Fil-A’s ingredients are definitely solid enough to make this a reasonable breakfast treat. Despite the initial small appearance, this item was quite dense and provided a nice fill up.