Burger King is the latest restaurant to enter the Chicken Sandwich War and we dive right in.

Burger King describes their new Ch’King sandwiches like this:

Each features a fresh hand-breaded chicken filet that’s meant to be “crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside.”

The Ch’King comes served with pickles and Signature Sauce on a toasted potato bun, while the Spicy Ch’King sees the chicken filet covered in a spicy glaze.

While a little late to the game, Burger King’s new “Hand Breaded Chicken Sandwich” has been gaining traction on Tik Tok recently with posters raving about its girth and spice level. Having tested well, Burger King has recently brought the sandwich nationwide and changed its generic name to the questionable Ch’King Sandwich.

The industry hasn’t quite come up with a standard spicy sandwich recipe, with some baking the spice into the dredge, while others are incorporating it only into the sauce on top of the breast. Burger King’s solution is to actually dip the entire breast into a “glaze” to fully promote the flavor. I can’t remember something like this in fast food realm since the famed “Flavor Dips” from Wendy’s back in the early oughts.

While Burger King has been dishing out spicy chicken and “Tendercrisp” sandwiches for awhile, the revamped sandwiches (like the others) is supposed to resemble a hand assembled breading that doesn’t taste or look uniform.

The metal insulated, paper bag industry must be booming in these “almost post pandemic” times. These bags are pretty much encompassing every chicken sandwich at about 5 or 6 restaurants. I’m waiting for the news report regarding the shortage. One day in the past I would have collected these and made them into a t shirt, but I guess that would label me as a degenerate.

After unveiling the sandwich, I was immediately slightly deflated by the size of the sandwich being rather normal to big, and not the “big as a size 9 bowling ball” I was anticipating based on social media exposure. Check out this Tik Tok link.

Despite the questionable size difference, the sandwich was bringing all of the other exciting properties that has brought this genre to the forefront of modern times. With its unique looking shape and crispy appearance, this glazed bad boy had my attention.

With the whole chicken breast filet glazed up, sometimes it’s easy to forget the remaining ingredients. With a customary artistic, drizzle of signature sauce and an uneven layering of thick cut dill chips, the potato bun on this sandwich was bruised but not broken. Having taken a beating with the sauce and glaze, a fast food purchaser can only hope and pray that the bun doesn’t become a soggy sponge of repulsion. This wasn’t the case here and I was very impressed with the fact that the glaze on chicken was fully coating but not drenched to the point of dripping.

Taste wise the sandwich was pretty grand. The chicken breading was super textured and crispy. I was very impressed with the glaze to crispness ratio the chicken achieved despite being fully dipped. The glaze reminded me of a pseudo Nashville hot sauce, with a burning spice and a hint of brown sugar sweetness somewhere in the mix. The Signature sauce was a pretty solid classic chicken sauce but was perhaps a bit runny and not as thick as I’d prefer. The pickles provided the desired crisp, tang but didn’t stand out compared to others.

The Spicy Ch’King sandwich from Burger King to me lines up very close to the new KFC offering. Big and bold, crunchy, and crispy, the biggest differences between the two come from spiciness origin. Do you prefer a full body glaze or a rambunctious sauce topper? That’s for your to decide I guess, but it’s becoming quite clear that great chicken sandwiches are becoming more and more widespread. Which is only a good thing.

Burger King Spicy Ch’King Sandwich: 7.5/10