While local signature sandwich maker Primanti Bros. has always topped their sandwiches with french fries, they’ve never seasoned their fries with anything besides salt and pepper since inception.  That is changing with the limited time only Kicked-Up Colossal Fish Sandwich.  The fries are extra zesty topped with Old Bay Seasoning, to go along with the Primanti’s standard vinegar based cole slaw, pepper jack cheese, and tomato on top of a giant fried chunk of cod.  I partook in the Kicked-Up Colossal last Friday and came away greatly pleased.  The sandwich is truly gigantic, and is extra zesty with the additional seasoning and pepper jack cheese.

The standard Colossal Fish is also available with the more traditional fries and cheese.  The Dock ’33 Fries are also available for a limited time, consisting of the Old Bay Seasoned fries and  Primanti’s queso sauce, served in an individual or Primanti’s size, served on a 14 inch pizza platter.