For some of you out there who know me quite well, you’d have to wonder how I’ve been writing a fast food blog for months and haven’t mentioned Long John Silver’s and their audacious crunchy stuff yet.  In one of the highlights (or lowlights if you ask my poor family) of my fast food life, was my undying love for Long John Sliver’s as a lad.  My lust for it culminated each year by dragging my parents and brother there for my birthday dinner.  So if you’re wondering what led me to write this blog, you can look back to my child hood as a pretty good indicator.

Long John’s is open year round but to me it seems like their business is flailing like the goth kids in gym class.  The Lenten season is when they truly have to bring their A game, because this is their Christmas.  LJS steams full speed ahead with their Thick-Cut Cod Basket.  With ample breading, thicker than your Sunday paper fillet’s, and enough trans fats to derail a train, the Cod looks quite grandiose.  LJS even claims that it’s their thickest fillet ever.  Two of these huge renegades of funk are accompanied by fries and two hush puppies, which are glorified deep fried bread in the basket, going for $5.99.

So hit up Long John’s, any day of the week, or just Friday’s, or just Leap Day, if you want to try some rather crunchy and tasty fried fish.  But please go and shell out your hard earned cash to this fast food seafood grease bath and keep my childhood dreams alive. We hope to have a review up later for Fast Food Geek Fish Fry Friday’s.

~Fast Food Geek Staff