Earlier we mentioned that, like clockwork, the fast food fish offerings have begun to surface.  We’ve seen it all before, generic fish sandwiches with less inspiration than the latest NBC Cop Drama.  Well this year, we’ve been completely blindsided by the wacky new offering being introduced by McDonalds:  The Fish McBites.

What makes this gimmick so special is that it’s a permutation of a gimmick–a double gimmick if you will.  It was not long ago that McDonald’s introduced and we subsequently reviewed the Chicken McBites.  A new snack/meal/catering option branching out from the standard chicken McNuggets.  McDonald’s is teaching their fast food brethren a thing or two about the business.  Instead resting on their laurels, McDonald’s has gone out and released another new menu item.

Unfortunately these puppies are in a very narrow test market and my guess is that they likely will not see a nationwide release this year.  Our friends at the great Grub Grade blog have identified that these are currently being sold (and given away until thursday) in Fort Worth, Texas.  My bet is that its fairly hard to test market items like this during any other part of the year, so perhaps they are “testing the waters” and maybe we will see these guys nationwide next Lenten season.
Like their chicken counterparts, these wil come in snack, regular, and shareable sizes.  If we hear news of a wider release, or if we get our hands on some, we will be sure to have a review ASAP.  Check back here for more.  Let us know in the comments section if these are available in your area.
In related news, it seems as though McDonalds will also be rolling out the 2 for $4 Filet-O-Fish starting tomorrow, and this year you will be able to get a Double Filet-o-Fish.
Edit: We contacted a spokesperson from McDonalds regarding the nutrition information for the Fish McBites.  They have provided us with the following statistics: