This month KFC has chosen to feature a true, blue blooded, thoroughbred classic as its featured menu item.  The skies were lit on fire this week, when the Chunky Chicken Pot Pie was jettisoned from its holster at a blazing, bold price of $3.99.  Pot Pie’s tickle my soul with a home cooked, comforting , soul soothing, mystical nature that seems to slow the rotation of the earth.  I’ve never had the pleasure of trying KFC’s “Classic”.  But whenever fast food eateries bust out this kind of terminology, I feel like it’s part of my duty to the world to test out these sometimes wild claims.

The makeup of the Chunky Chicken Pot Pie is somewhat radical considering that all of the ingredients incorporated in it, don’t show up anywhere else on the menu.  This type of thing scares me, but its hard to screw up grilled chicken, potatoes, peas, carrots, gravy, wrapped up in a puff pastry.  I have trouble deciding whether I like saying puff pastry or pot pie more.

After ripping open my box with the intensity and integrity of an 8 year running into Chuck-E-Cheese’s, I was thrown into an aroma that could make angels cry.  Fresh, oven toasted pie crust has that kind of smell that could turn around your whole week. After pulling out the Pot Pie by its tin bowl, it is quite clear that someone went a little overboard with the pie crust.  The overflow might have been enough to wipe out a one horse town, but when it comes to getting extra pie topping, I won’t complain at all.

I stuck my fork into the middle of the pie like I was the first astronaut striking a flag into Mars.  Steam and even more aromas erupted into my nose like a renegade fire cracker.  I was so excited I didn’t know where to begin with the contents. I did my best to try and encapsulate a full figured bite, pie crust and all.  I can say flat out that I was overwhelmed with down, home, old school flavors.

With basically the same ingredients as Panera’s Sonoma Chicken Stew, I was hoping to not be underwhelmed by flavor once again, but this was simply not the case.  The contents of the Chunky Chicken Pot Pie taste like you took the Chicken Stew and actually made it taste like something.  The special Colonel branded sauce/gravy must be made out of pure fats and creams, because it tastes absolutely splendid.  I’ve trained myself to believe that really good tasting things must correlate with full figured fats.

The flaky pie crust only enhanced things with a buttery coating.  I found myself ripping off chunks of the crust and using them as a pseudo makeshift chip to dip into the stew below.  The chicken was tender, the veggies seemingly fresh, and the potatoes were somewhat barren, although still flavorful.

KFC’s Chunky Chicken Pot Pie is truly a classic indeed, sporting a 4/5 ranking, inducting itself into the FFG Hall of Fame. Get a hold of this muscle car while you can for $3.99!

*I do have to notify you, that the Pot Pie is pretty horrendous for you, just like most comfort foods.  It packs almost two days worth of Saturated Fat and 790 calories.  Not something you want to be eating on the daily.

KFC Chunky Chicken Pot Pie: 4/5

KFC Chunky Chicken Pot Pie: