Pittsburgh’s perennial craft burger power, Burgatory has never been one to rest on its laurels.  Now with 6 locations, with more to come, Burgatory has constantly innovated.  The latest evidence, comes in the form of some interesting new non burger menu items and some other ones to enhance the burger experience itself.  

Burgatory’s new menu items include a new shake, new salad, new side, new appetizers, new sandwiches, and some new customer burger creation options.  Korean BBQ tacos, Honey Habanero Wings, and new When Pigs Fry (fried BBQ ribs) highlight the appetizers, while a new Peppercorn Caesar salad featuring cornbread croutons adds a new dimension for lighter eaters.  New burgers include a Piggy Butter & Jelly burger that actually has peanut butter and habanero jelly as well as the Trippin’ Chicken which apparently pairs magic mushroom crusted chicken with brie and a Pretzel Bun.  Custom burger options now include the aforementioned Pretzel Bun and a new Figgy Figgy meat option which blends 50% bacon and 50% beef blend. Be sure to try adding on the Deviled Egg potato salad with one of these.  The new menu is rounded out by the Cookie Monster shake, which as you could guess features a heaping helping of chocolate chip cookies.  
All of these new items make Burgatory into a more full featured eatery.  Burger lovers and people who don’t even like burgers (heaven forbid) can all find something which will hit the spot and then some.