Here at Fast Food Geek, we love burgers, and we we love damn good burgers even more.  So whenever our favorite local, gourmet burger place was competing in the Burger Business 2013 Burger Brackets, we were ecstatic to see them involved.  But when they shocked the nation and won the whole thing, we couldn’t have been happier.  Basking in the glory of victory, the ownership group sat down with Burger Business for an interview which you can read here.  Some highlights follow the break:

  • Burgatory’s cult like following contributed to the mass amount of votes they piled up, with their expansive social media following providing much of the steam.  
  • Burgatory plans to open up 6 or 7 locations in the surrounding Pittsburgh area, with three new locations already in the works, with downtown locations on the horizon.  
  • After that, in the 2014-2015 range, they’re looking to expand outside of Pittsburgh, which is exciting news for the readers. 
  • Burgatory’s high quality ingredients, friendly staff, innovations like the No-Wait system, and streamlined kitchen experience are all other huge factors which make customers keep coming back for more.     

Until you can make it down to the burgh, enjoy our review of Burgatory!

~Fast Food Geek