wendys breakfast
Part of the “duty” as a food blogger involves the constant pursuit of new information.  Whether it’s from checking the Google machine, sifting through restaurant websites, or doing the classic “drive-by” of local eateries to see if there are new banners flying, news comes in many sources.  Although there is no news release or no known information a simple search of Wendy’s.com website shows quite a decent sized Breakfast banner, which poses quite a few questions.

Wendy’s breakfast made its debut in the wild and wonderful days of 2008 and they had a decent run with savory choices such as the Morning Melt Panini and Artisan Egg Sandwich on Ciabatta as well as sweet options such as cinnamon rolls and muffins that we reviewed back in 2011.  While it seems that many of these items ended up being test market items in the Pittsburgh area, a general consensus is that people were impressed.  Overall customers we talked to were very satisfied with Wendy’s breakfast offering and thought it was a very solid alternative to the likes of McDonald’s and Burger King. But after a little over a year, Wendy’s pulled the plug in 2013 saying that the grand experiment was a failure, with people’s breakfast habits being hard pressed to change.

wendys break
Here we are in 2015 and Wendy’s website still has the breakfast menu area somewhat prominently displayed on the site.  Once you click it, there are a lot of options still listed with full information.  The pastries we tested aren’t here but the famed Panini and Artisan sandwiches are here as well as some biscuits, steel cut oatmeal, burritos, and the very underrated seasoned homestyle potatoes.  We’ve reached out to Wendy’s for comment regarding the availability of Breakfast but have yet to hear back, so we ask the readers: Have you seen Wendy’s breakfast available in your area? Do you want it come back or should it stay gone? Let us know in the comments!