In the continued battle for breakfast, Taco Bell has released their value menu today.  Featuring ten items, four of them being new, the $1 Breakfast Menu spans the world of breakfast entree, side, and beverage.  New items include a Mini Skillet Bowl, Bacon Soft Taco, Sausage Soft Taco, and a Sausage Flatbread Quesadilla.  The Mini Skillet Bowl includes crispy potatoes, scrambled eggs, melted cheese, and pico de gallo, while the Tacos include scrambled eggs, the mentioned meat, and shredded cheddar in a warm flour tortilla. Lastly, we have the Flatbread Quesadilla which has sausage, scrambled egg, and a three cheese blend in a grilled flatbread.  The other six items on the menu include the Bacon Grilled Breakfast Burrito, Sausage Grilled Breakfast Burrito, Fiesta Potato Breakfast Burrito, 2 Pack of Cinnabon Delights, Hash Browns, and a small Orange Citrus Mountain Dew Kickstart.  The $1 Breakfast Menu is a permanent addition to Taco Bell breakfast.