Starbucks is in the middle of a massive rebranding attempt, which began last year when they removed “Starbucks Coffee” from their iconic logo. This is a clear attempt to deemphasize the “coffee shop” notion as they begin to expand their food and bakery offerings. They are most likely trying to realign their list of competitors from coffee only chains to places like Panera Bread or Brueggers. Does their new Chicken Sausage and Egg Wrap help bolster their food options?

The wrap is a good size, especially as a breakfast item. The ingredient list is wholesome and healthy: chicken sausage, egg white, and fire roasted zucchini, mushrooms and red and yellow peppers. I have yet to see any Starbucks with a means to fire roast veggies, so I did not expect the entire wrap to be made in house. I was surprised, however, to see the barista open a little shrink wrapped bag, extract my entirely premade wrap, and toss it into a toaster oven hot pocket style.

The wrap tasted pretty good and actually kind of reminded me of the Stouffers French Bread Pizza Deluxe in a strange way–take that as you will. The actual wheat tortilla took a slight beating from the harsh reheat of the subway style quick toasting oven, but mostly held up well.

The best part of the wrap was that it was very satisfying and kept me full well into the afternoon. This is definitely a good breakfast to start the day considering the nutrition facts (see below) and the fact that there is probably a Starbucks nearby. If Starbucks one day decides to get serious and step up their food production to onsite assembly, they could really make a dent in the breakfast/lunch market.


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