Just in time for camping season, Dairy Queen is bringing back the immensely popular S’mores Blizzard along with a new variation.  The S’mores Blizzard is back for another round, although it still seems crazy to me that it isn’t available all Summer long, while the brand new Oreo S’mores Blizzard is making its first appearance.  Dairy Queen is promoting these by asking “What camp are you in?”, figuring that traditionalists would stick with the OG while people looking for a variety will opt for the Oreo one.  Each Blizzard features min marshmallow filled chocolate bars, graham cracker pieces, and marshmallow topping blended in DQ vanilla soft serve. The Oreo variety adds in Oreo cookie pieces just to spice it up some. We’re not sure how long these will be available, so to be safe get them as soon as you can.