BOM_2016-Q1_Red-Velvet_1500x625CAKE_2016-Q1_Cupid-Single-Blizzard_1500x625 (1)
Queen is bringing in some special products to promote Valentine’s Day.  First we have a returning favorite.  The Red Velvet Blizzard returns for February, with vanilla soft serve, Red Velvet cake pieces, and cream cheese frosting laced throughout.  The next new Blizzard is the Singles variety.  Focusing on those not in a relationship on this romantic holiday, the perfect serving for one Blizzard comes with salted caramel truffles, Reeses Peanut Butter Cups, rich cocoa fudge, and peanut butter.  There is a also a heart shaped Red Velvet Blizzard Cupid Cake, perfectly sized for two.