For a bite size mini review, I took a look at Taco Bell’s newest gimmick turned full menu item, the value sized and priced Chicken Flatbread sandwich. Offered in an original and Bacon Ranch variety, I clearly went for the latter, given my lust for bacon.

Taco Bell promotes these palm sized creations with a ninja chef, slicing, dicing, spinning, squirting, and blow torching the ingredients until he has a work of art.  Classic case of emphasizing appearance, and delivering piss poor results.  I can definitively say I never saw any ninja chef making these in the back, nor did I see anyone doing any spin moves. Probably would have helped save this god forsaken flat bread flop.

Forgettable and uninspired, the flat bread was softer than Casey Hampton’s workout regiments. Powdery and coarse, the floppy flatbread was flapped open to reveal a melty mess of imitation bacon and cheese. It’s hard to be a redeemable product whenever I couldn’t tell if I was holding Mark Madden’s sweat rag or a sandwich.

While the sandwich’s taste is borderline at best, the presentation, and flaccid fare just couldn’t allow me to give this more than 1 star.
Chicken Flatbread (Bacon Ranch) 1/5 Stars


Chicken Flatbread Sandwich (Bacon Ranch)