As I frequent the rest stops and gas station in Western PA for my job, I continually come across newly released chips, dips or munchies. My most recent discovery is the Flamin’ Hot Fun Yuns. To be honest, I’m not really a fan of funyuns to begin with, I mean they are like astronaut onion rings. Barely taste like onion, and obviously don’t have the texture like an onion ring. It is not even in my top 5 choice of chip, but if there is one thing I am a sucker for its spicy foods or snacks.

These Flamin Hot Fun Yuns, are like if Andy Capp and Fannie Mae Fun Yun had a baby, and that baby came out spicier than my second cousins six alarm chili. These things were hot, tasted just like the regular funyuns, but the heat was extreme, the red spicy seasoning was coating my fingers after each taste.

Not a very good snack to compliment a meal, but the spice was plentiful. Led me to start working on my Pittsburgh version of the funyun, Fun Yinz.

Flamin’ Hot Fun Yuns: 2/5

Stay Saucy, San Antonio