Taco Bell, known primarily for their wild and wondrous taco creations, has been silently pumping out solid beverage options for years.  Being the only known purveyor of the tangy Mountain Dew Baja Blast carries enough weight to saddle bag a bear, but their little known Frutista Freeze blended slushy drinks are the true hidden gems.


Traditionally available in regular strawberry and strawberry mango flavor offerings and topped off with real strawberry slices, every couple lunar cycles, we are treated to a gimmick offering of the Frutista’s. While it would be hard to tell based on advertisements, I’ve found the best way to find this stuff out is to milk the cow right from the teat and visit a restaurant.  Lo and behold the menu revealed to me the Berry Pomegranate Frutista Freeze.

Pretty ballsy for Taco Bell to be taking on the intricate and complex flavors of the pomegranate.  Trendy in nature, complex in design, packing enough antioxidants to grow you a third eye, pomegranate has become quite the flavor conduit recently.  Though, I can’t remember it existing five years ago, every health drink and botanical garden hand cream is laced with pomegranate these days, supplanting kiwi as the “it” fruit of our generation.

Armed with my stroon (straw spoon) and a reckless abandon that was only rivaled by my boyish nature, I pierced through the plastic lid gateway, and sucked my way to a berry bonanza.  While, I’m pretty sure the term berry, is just a clever way of saying “strawberry”, it suits the pom rather nicely.  Just as expected the intricate flavor of the pomegranate stroked your tongue and wet your whistle. Coupled by the classic taste of strawberries and a thick yet smooth frozen blend, this beverage was quite refreshing.

Per usual, there was a complete disregard for the real strawberry slices on top, with a pitiful portion of one topping off my frosty blend.  But despite this shortcoming, Taco Bell steps out of their comfort zone and created a rather sophisticated flavor here, propelling it to a 3 star rating.

Berry Pomegranate Frutista Freeze: 3/5