Well if energy drinks haven’t gotten ridiculous to begin with, charging unsuspecting students $3.00 for a ten minute caffeine jolt, followed by a three hour crash, and lifetime of suffering, Starbuck’s has upped the ante by coming out with their own form of an energy drink.

Combining coffee, assorted flavors, and then an “energy blend”, this beverage has the makings to be a huge disaster. Guarana, caffeine, and sugar just aren’t good for you. Plus you add the fact that this drink includes milk fat? This drink could possibly take a couple weeks off of your life.

I have always thought energy drinks have been poor tasting, but I always used to drink them out of necessity during late night cram sessions. But then I received word from someone, looking into my best interests, that these things cause heart disease and could potentially cause heart attacks…

So I pretty much stopped from that point on. In a moment of weakness and for g and double g’s sake I took on this beast. Expecting the worst I opened her up and took a deep swig.

What I got was something that tasted a lot like a Yoohoo. There was a good coffee flavor and the mocha was a nice accent. I’ve also heard good things about the Vanilla and straight Coffee. I got a decent energy boost as well and never really came off as crashing. So if you’re willing to risk future health problems and want some energy, try out the Starbuck’s Doubleshot: Energy + Coffee

Starbuck’s Doubleshot: Energy + Coffee: 3.5/5

Until the next sauce,