Lets just start off by saying that here at Goodies and Gimmicks Galore we are dedicated to giving you, the readers, the best possible info on possible products that just may blow away your face. While we will focus a lot on promotional foods at restaurants, we at g&gg really enjoy niche beverages as well. I am a large fan of diet soda. While the plain old, diet colas are nothing special but the pop industry has been making large strides into the wild and whacky flavored diet sodas. Today I’m gonna take a look at Diet A&W Cream Soda.

A&W pioneered the diet root beer phenomenon so when I located a 12 pack of diet cream soda at my local Wal Mart, I knew it was destiny. As a child I hated diet soda, it tasted awful in comparison to their sugary step brothers, and they reminded me of being an adult (something I just didn’t want at the time). Growing older I realized that drinking open calories wasn’t gonna work forever, so I decided I had to go strictly diet pop. I still didn’t and currently don’t really enjoy regular diet Coke or Pepsi, but I have found that there are plenty of diet sodas out there that are quite flavorful. From the Godfather Diet Dr. Pepper to Diet Mt Dew, diet sodas have made strides in flavor and customer satisfaction. I have found that anything with any kind of flavor added such as lemon, cherry, root beer, citrus, orange, or even vanilla has made diet soda a calorie free bonanza for my mouth.

On to the A&W cream soda. As a background, my first two cans from the 12 pack began with me getting sprayed with carbonation. I usually carry around cans of pop in the side mesh pocket of my backpack and have no issues, but both times I have tried this with the A&W I have been left with sticky fingers and soiled trousers. So as a warning, a little shake goes a long way with this can.

For the review, the can went directly from the fridge to the table and I opened it without any issues. I was gonna call A&W and sue for dry cleaning expenses if this one had exploded as well.

So I took some deep sips from the bubbly liquid and I found there to be great flavor. There is the typical diet soda at first, but the after taste is what truly makes this beverage special. A wave of vanilla esk cream floats through your throat like a log down a river. While you still know the drink is diet, the flavor boost when swallowed makes this drink a very well rounded calorie free treat.

So in the end I’ll give the Diet A&W Cream Soda a 4.0/5. This beverage is definitely worth taking a look at. The only problems I saw were the fact that it is hard to find, I’ve been looking for this drink specifically for a couple of weeks and just happened to stumble into it last week, and then there’s the explosion factor. Happening twice just isn’t acceptable and the can shouldn’t go haywire after some simple walking.


Coming soon, we’ll take a look at the Wendy’s Flavor Dip Sandwiches and have our first Taste Royale between the McDonald’s Snack Wrap, Wendy’s Chicken Go Wrap, and KFC’s Toasted Wrap. So stay tuned.

Until the next sauce.