While when most people think about McCafe, its hard not to think about coffee and espresso products.  So one might think it would be easy to over look what is most likely their best product line, the real fruit smoothies.  While its easy to question whether real fruit equals fresh fruit, it means quite a lot that McDonald’s would have the testicular fortitude to put the word “real” in anything that they sell without fear of a lawsuit.  I for one have never seen bunches of bananas or wicker baskets full of berries in any of my local McDonalds, but hey they say its real, so I have to take their word for it right?

I’ve sampled all of the McCafe smoothies, and while none of them are new or considered a gimmick at the moment, I felt like it was necessary to let the public know what they’ve been missing with my favorite breakfast substitute beverage from an unlikely source with the Wild Berry flavor option.  Combining strawberry, blackberry, and blueberry purees, low fat yogurt, and ice spindled into a creamy thicker than your 9th grade English teacher’s cankles concoction.  
With 240 calories and only a half gram of fat in a small smoothie, it makes a very refreshing and borderline healthy start to your morning.  Well in theory at least.  McDonald’s has had the propensity to screw up their delivery more often than Dane Cook when he’s on a bender.  
What’s easy to be seen at first glance is that the beverage doesn’t look nearly as clean and pure as the promo picture does.  Looking a little watery and a lot more grainy, its hard not to think ice is a little more involved than McDonald’s is letting on.  
Despite the watery nature, the smoothie still brings it with flavor.  A strong rush of fruity goodness stabs your pallet like Ray Lewis outside of a night club.  Very refreshing, but the one negative that can taken away is that the drink has a pretty seedy consistency.  I guess this is the nature of berries, and it shows that this fruit might actually be real, but you’ll find yourself crunching on seeds for hours after your beverage is gone.  
The fountain of flavor saves this seedy smoothie into a 3.5 rating.
McDonald’s McCafe: Triple Berry Real Fruit Smoothie: 3.5/5
McDonald’s McCafe: Triple Berry Real Fruit Smoothie (Small):